Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Final shoot

After conducting my final shoot with the boys I realised that the lighting was off.  Instead of the background being white, it came out yellow.  This could have been due to the softboxes over the top of the lights.  I will still work with these and just change the lighting post-production in photoshop.

I feel as though each person needs an explanation to the object they chose to bring with them.

 Joe brought along a picture of his dog Charlie.  Since the object he chose is something that makes him happy I had him talk about happy memories he had with Charlie. I managed to get some pictures of him smiling and laughing.

Ed brought along two things to let me choose.  The first was his box of pencils because he loves to draw.  The second object (which I chose to shoot him with).
 Was a gift from his dad, the last thing that his dad gave to him when he was 8 before he left.  Due to the delicate nature of the object I spent more time talking to Ed about it.  I had him on the floor and he looks sad in a lot of the photos.  His story was heartbreaking to hear.

Ladi brought along a book.  The book was something he associates with a very specific memory.  He found it in a very hidden bookshop when he was walking through London.  He brought the object because the memory associated with it makes him happy.  The shot I like best is one where he is gazing down at the book with a very thoughtful expression.  I like the idea that the book takes him to a happy place.