Sunday, 8 February 2015

Outdoor Exploration


We went exploring in photography.  Again experimenting a little bit more with aperture.  We went out into Stanmer Park and took a series of photos.  The theme for my little series was things that don't belong.  This meant things that stood out obviously from the environment with bright colours or litter with unusual packaging.

 I tried to mess around with how the photos were composed based on the different "rules" of the perfect composition.  This included; the rule of thirds, the golden ratio, and diagonals. It was a challenge trying to get the composition right, but when it was possible the pictures looked a lot better.  They seemed easier to look at.


 When it comes to aperture, I prefer having a larger aperture as it means that the background is more blurry.  Since you can only see the area in focus clearly the viewer knows where to look.  When the aperture is smaller, there is more in focus, making the picture seem chaotic in my own opinion.  The small aperture also means that the background acquires a "bokeh" effect, there spots of light are soft, larger, and circular.  The new trend of bokeh pictures have resulted in camera companies coming up with different shaped fixed aperture rings, so the light can be shaped (for example heart shaped).  I would love to experiment with one of these lenses but they can be very expensive.

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