Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Every picture is made out of coding

Not quite the easy to read HTML that a lot of people know, bur coding nonetheless.
If you change the codes slightly, the picture changes.
The thing about databending is that unless you know the coding format, the outcome of the picture can't be predicted.  Taking out a few lines might change the hue of the picture or could completely flip it.  Here are my experiments below.
I like how staggered this photo is.  It sort of looks like it could be made up of multiple photos all chopped together.  It seems that repeating the coding over and over staggers strips of the photos.
This picture could easily have been done on photos.  Here, the levels in the photograph have been changed so it looks a little faded.  I like this one because it's a soft picture

I like the purple toning in this photo.  It graduates getting to a stronger purple down the picture.
I like the second strip in this picture because of the lomography effect that it gives.  The frustrating thing about databending is that the effects are near impossible to replicate.

Even though this picture is dark, it's a good example of how databending can change the tones of a picture.

This picture is my favourite.  It's a crazy colour, and is broken up in a way that i like.  The strips vary in size a lot.

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